Build a Camp Fire Utensil Rack

Free plans for a Camp Fire Utensil Rack, a practical solution for those who prefer a more rustic cooking experience or have opted not to bring a camping stove. This compact and straightforward utensil rack might be exactly what you need.

The sketch showcases a lightweight and collapsible device designed to hold cooking utensils over a campfire. Its compact nature and low weight make it a valuable addition to any camping gear.

The device consists of two sections of pipe labeled as A, supported by rods labeled as B. The rods feature bent eyes at their upper ends. The lower end of the supports is pointed, allowing them to be easily driven into the ground. This design enables the pipes to be spread apart, accommodating both large and small utensils for cooking.

Embrace the simplicity and functionality of the Camp Fire Utensil Rack, perfect for those who enjoy roughing it or prefer the traditional campfire cooking experience. Its lightweight and collapsible design make it an essential tool for any camping adventure.



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