A Table Box for Campers

A very useful combination packing box and camp table may be made from a coffee or other large box. If a box with a three-ply top is available, it makes a neat appearance, but this is not essential. A box, 14 in. deep, 20 in. wide, and 29 in. long, outside measurements, is convenient, and is of such a size that a person's knees will pass under it when used as a table.

Saw the box in two on the center line of the narrow way, making two uncovered boxes of the same size and depth. The corners of each box should be well braced on the outside, as shown at A, Fig. 1. The strips B are fastened to the inside of the box to form sockets, C, for the legs.

The strips are 1/2 in. thick, 1-1/4 in. wide, and as long as the box is deep. Four legs, about 12 in. long and of such size as to fit in the sockets, are used for holding the boxes together in transit. Rope handles are fastened in the ends of each box, and also a hook and eye, which are used to lock them together.


To pack the boxes place one half open side up, and insert the legs, as shown in Fig. 2. Then fill it and ex- tend the packing to the level of the leg ends, slip the other half of the box on the legs, and fasten the two with the hooks. If properly roped, such a box will be taken as baggage. Canvas, and other articles which will be removed at once upon arrival in camp, rather than provisions, should be packed in this box, so that it can be converted into a table with the least possible work.

To make one table, or two, of the box, remove the packing legs and insert long legs in the sockets of each section. A set of eight legs, 30 in. long, take up very little space, and can be carried diagonally in the bottom of the box. A piece of oilcloth can be wrapped around them and used later as a cover for the table.

The legs should fit loosely in the sockets to provide for the swelling in damp weather. Ordinarily they can be wedged to make them rigid. The table is shown in Fig. 3.



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