Plans For a Boat - Build a Portable Folding Boat

Free Plans for a Boat - Build Your Portable Folding Boat

Discover the joy of building your own portable folding boat with these cost-effective plans. This easily constructed and conveniently transportable boat is depicted in the accompanying illustration. Following the precise dimensions is crucial since the bow section folds inside the stern portion. Throughout the construction, 7/8-inch material is recommended.

To ensure accurate measurements, create a full-size diagram of the plan. While brass screws are the preferred choice for fastening, copper plated nails can also be used. Tongued and grooved stock is ideal for the bottom of the boat. Avoid driving the joints together too tightly to allow for expansion. Additionally, all boat joints should be filled with red lead or pitch.

To achieve a satisfactory fit when joining the sections, it is advisable to make the adjoining ends simultaneously. Braces should be securely fixed into the corners. Metal straps are employed to hold the sections together at the bottom of the hinged joints. Ensure that these straps are fitted in a manner that minimizes the chance of accidental loosening.

For the front end of each strip, create a pivot point using a hole, while the other end should be vertically slotted along the lower edge. Bolts should be firmly set into the side of the boat, securing nuts on both sides of the wood. To hold the slotted end, utilize a wing nut that remains in place through riveting the end of the bolt. Hardwood pieces fastened to the gunwales can accommodate sockets for the oars. Refer to the small sketch on the left for seat construction details.

Embark on the fulfilling journey of constructing your own portable folding boat. These free plans provide a cost-effective and enjoyable opportunity to create a vessel that can be conveniently transported. Whether you're exploring calm lakes or venturing into tranquil rivers, this folding boat will serve as a reliable companion on your aquatic adventures.

A Portable Folding Boat
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