Camp Shelter Affords Protection from Mosquitoes

When it is undesirable to stay in a camping tent, on warm nights or during the day when a siesta is taken, a mosquito shelter can be made of materials readily available at most camping places.

The arrangement, as shown, is made as follows: Procure a number of pliable switches, about 3/4” in diameter, and 8 or 10 ft. long. Sharpen the ends, and force them into the ground in two rows, 3-1/2 ft. apart.

Bend the tops together, and tie them in arches of the same height, as indicated. Next, tie a ridge binder the entire length.

Cover the frame with mosquito netting, providing an entrance at one end. The shelter shown is for one person, but may easily be made larger. A tarp, supported on a rope between posts or trees, affords shade.

mosquito shelter


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