Camp Shelter Affords Protection from Mosquitoes

Build a Camp Mosquito Shelter - Enjoy the Outdoors Mosquito-Free

When circumstances make staying in a camping tent undesirable, such as warm nights or when taking a siesta during the day, you can build a mosquito shelter using readily available materials found at most camping sites.

Follow these steps to create the shelter as shown:

1. Acquire pliable switches approximately 3/4" in diameter and 8 or 10 feet long.
2. Sharpen the ends of the switches and insert them into the ground, forming two rows spaced 3-1/2 feet apart.
3. Bend the tops of the switches together and securely tie them in arches, ensuring they are of the same height as indicated in the illustration.
4. Attach a ridge binder along the entire length of the arches to provide structural stability.
5. Cover the frame with mosquito netting, leaving an entrance at one end for easy access.
6. The shelter depicted is designed for one person but can be easily scaled up for larger accommodations if needed.
7. For additional shade, you can suspend a tarp between posts or trees using a rope.

By following these instructions, you can build a camp mosquito shelter that provides a protective space from pesky insects while enjoying the outdoors. The mosquito netting ensures a bug-free environment, allowing you to relax and rest without disturbances.

Embrace the freedom of a mosquito-free camping experience by building your own shelter. This simple yet effective solution allows you to enjoy the outdoors without the nuisance of mosquitoes, ensuring your camping adventures are as comfortable as possible.

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