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Camping just wouldn't be the same without hot dogs to grill. Although the plain jane barbecued hot dog version on a bun is probably as good as it gets, here are a few more hot dog camping recipe variations so you can serve them more often.

Hot Dog Camping Recipes

Hot Dog Camping Recipes
Bacon Wrapped Dogs

5 hot dogs
5 slices of cheddar cheese
10 bacon slices
Wooden toothpicks
1 pkg. hot dog buns

Cut cheese slices in half. Cut a lengthwise slit into the hot dogs. Fill the slit with 2 strips of cheese. Wind two bacon strips around each hot dog until completely covered, secure with a wooden toothpick. Place hot dogs in a grilling basket and grill over open fire with the cheese side up. Cook until bacon is fully done and crispy. Remove toothpicks and serve in hot dog buns. Yield: 5 servings.

Dogs in a Blanket

1 package breadstick dough
1 package hot dogs

Roll the dough into a rope shape. Wrap the formed dough around a single hot dog, 3 to 4 times. Pinch the ends tightly to the dough so it doesn't fall off. Place dog on a skewer. Cook over a campfire being sure to turn often. Cook until the dough has browned all the way around, about 5 minutes. Serve with mustard or ketchup.

Mexican Campfire Hot Dog

1 package flour tortillas
1 package hot dogs
1 cup cheddar cheese, grated

Heat tortillas one at a time by placing them in a skillet to the side of the campfire. Place a hot dog on a skewer and cook over campfire until well heated. Place the cooked hot dog on the heated flour tortilla. Top with grated cheese and salsa. Fold tortilla in half and serve. Add chili if desired.

Foil Chili Dogs

5 hot dogs
5 hot dog buns
15 oz. can hot dog chili
1/2 cup onions
1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese
Nonstick cooking spray
Heavy duty aluminum foil

Put a hot dog in each bun. Top each with 2 tablespoons of chili, 2 tablespoons shredded cheese and onion. Lightly spray the cheese with cooking spray. Wrap each hot dog separately in aluminum foil and place over fire for 20 minutes or until cheese has melted completely.

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