Folding Camp Chair Plans

Below are free plans from the web for folding camp chairs. These camp chairs are easy to build, inexpensive to make and perfect for camping.

A folding camp chair is one of the most essentials of a camping trip. After all the fun filled adventure, you will need a chair to sit down and relax a little.

Camp chairs have an edge over conventional chairs as they are sleek, compact, lightweight and can be easily set up in matter of moments. They can be transported easily, can fit in your car, and very practical to use. You can also use it in your home or backyard.

Here is our plan for a folding camp chair.
Folding Camp Chair

Here are plans from around the web for other folding camp chair plans.

Camp Chair

Also known as the “scissors chair” this camp chair plan is for a all wood chair where wooden slats make up the seating and backrest. This fold away chair is easy to transport, store and to sit on.

Folding Chair

Here are instructions along with assembly drawings for a wooden folding chair. This chair is small enough for ease of storage, yet large enough for comfort when relaxing.

Beach Chair

Build a folding chair with a wooden frame and sturdy fabric for the seat, backrest and canopy. Keep cool at the beach while sitting in this beach chair with canopy.

Folding Chair

This comfy beach chair is built entirely out of wood and sits low to the ground for relaxing your feet in the water or sand. This is a very comfy chair, plus it’s easy to carry and store away.

Miniature Folding Chair

Here is a folding chair that is easy to build and comes in handy. Using the 1:1 scale this folding chair plan gives you all the instructions and more to make a chair with a wooden frame and a fabric seat.

Folding Chair

This folding chair is designed to be wider than the standard chair. This chair will seat two people. Great outdoor chair to be used most anywhere.


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