Cooler Corn - Camping Hack #4

This is a really easy way to cook corn on the cob. Great also if you are feeding a large gang. You will need a maximum of 2 dozen corn on the cob, 4 quarts of boiling water and a large insulated cooler.

2 dozen corn on the cob
4 quarts of boiling water
Large insulated cooler

Clean a large insulated cooler with warm soapy water then rinse well.

Remove the husk from all the corn. Place each ear of corn into the clean cooler. (I cut each ear of corn in half but it isn’t necessary.)

Boil water (2 quarts of water for every 12 ears of corn on the cob). Pour the boiling water over the ears of corn. Close the cooler lid and let corn sit in the water for thirty minutes.
Keep the lid closed on the cooler until ready to serve; corn should stay warm for approximately two hours.

Serve with plenty of butter or margarine, salt and pepper; and for additional flavors try one or more of the following: Lemon Basil Butter, Cilantro Lime Butter or Basil Parmesan Butter and crushed red pepper.

Cooler Corn

Cooler Corn

Cooler Corn


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