Build a Combination Camp Kitchen Cabinet and Table

DIY Camp Kitchen Cabinet and Table - Free Camping Gear Plans

Introducing the DIY Combination Camp Kitchen Cabinet and Table, a clever solution designed to bring the comforts of home to your family outings. By sharing the sketch and description, I hope to assist others facing the same challenge. This innovative design features a table that comfortably accommodates four people, with the option to add additional compartments as desired.

When closed, the cabinet becomes a sturdy and compact unit. Its snug fitting cover ensures protection from bugs, and even if it encounters rain or accidental water exposure, the contents remain undamaged. To store items like coffee, tea, sugar, salt, and more, pocket shelves are available at both ends of the cabinet, where small containers can be placed. In addition, when closed, the box can serve as a seat or even be walked on if needed, such as in a boat.

When opened for use, the cabinet reveals a metal table top (F) supported by metal straps (E), which also act as braces and supports for the table leaf (G) on each side of the box. This setup provides ample table surface and easy access to the cabinet's contents while cooking or eating. The legs (D) are stored inside the box during travel and can be secured in place under the metal straps. At their upper ends, a metal plate and blocks (B and C) keep the legs steady. The bent metal pieces (A) located at the ends of the top function as handles and easily lock into the blocks at B and C.

With this DIY combination camp kitchen cabinet and table, you can enjoy the convenience and functionality of a compact and versatile camping setup. It offers a comfortable cooking and dining experience for your family outings, ensuring that you can savor the great outdoors without sacrificing comfort.

DIY Camp Kitchen Cabinet and Table - Free Camping Gear Plans


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