Camping Water Station - Camping Hack #9

Water's always an issue when you're camping and keeping hands clean in the great outdoors is always a challenge. Here's a simple way to make it easier to keep everyone's hands clean and keep the campsite organized.

You'll need just a few things, and there isn't any building or construction, so it's a project anyone can do. It's also inexpensive, and that's a plus when you're camping on a budget.

You'll Need:

? Water Container With Spigot - 5 to 7 Gallon - You can get these at outdoor supply stores or DIY home improvement stores.

? Rigid Paper Towel Holder - If you purchase an inexpensive one, it probably won't last too long. You're better off spending a little more for one that's durable.

? Bungee Cords - You'll need a couple to hold the towel dispenser in place. It depends on the size of your water container, but 18-inch cords are probably the right size.

? Water Bucket - 5-gallon buckets can be purchased at home improvements store very inexpensively. This is important to keep your grey water and to keep your campsite from turning into a muddy mess.

? Trash Can With Lid - Make sure your container has a secure lid, so you don't wind up with paper towels blowing all around the campground.

? Soap - Foam dispensers are popular, but any soap you prefer will be fine.

? Paper Towels - The Select-A-Size are good to encourage using the minimum amount of towels.

Simply secure the paper towel holder to the top of the water container with a couple of bungee cords. Position your grey water bucket directly beneath the water container and locate the soap and waste bin adjacent to the water source.


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