Mason Jar Tiki Torches - Camping Hack #13

Tiki torch fuel has citronella as one of the ingredients, so these torches not only provide light, but they also keep the bugs away.

You can use Mason jars or any glass jar that has a solid metal lid. For this project you'll need:

? Solid Metal Lid Jars

? Tiki Torch Fuel

? Replacement Tiki Torch Wicks

You'll also need a way to make a hole in the jar lids. You can use a hammer and large nail and keep punching holes until it's large enough, or use a drill with a large drill bit. Make the holes large enough to lace the wicks through, but small enough, so they stand up by themselves and don't slide back into the jar.

Lace a wick through the lids and fill the jars about halfway full of the fuel. Insert the wick into the jar and screw on the cap.

It will take a few minutes for the oil to absorb into the wick. Then light up your campsite with the soft glow of the flames and enjoy the evening without those pesky mosquitoes bothering you and the family.


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