DIY Fire Starters - Camping Hack #12

You don't need to buy fancy fire starters when you probably have most everything you need either in your drawers, cupboards or recycling bin. These easy DIY fire starters are a good project for your older kids, and the little ones can help, as well!

Cotton Pad Fire Starter

You know those round cotton makeup removers you have in the back of your drawer? They make great inexpensive and compact fire starters.
Just dip them into melted wax and place on waxed paper to dry. Leave a bit of it unwaxed, so it's easy to light them. You can also cut or tear them before setting them on fire.


Cardboard Fire Starter

Everyone has a piece or two of cardboard or a cardboard box lying around. Just cut them into small, semi-uniform squares or rectangles that are about three inches. Dip them into wax and lay them out on wax paper to dry. Stack them for neat, compact storage.


Newspaper Twist Fire Starter

Tightly roll a sheet of newspaper or craft paper and twist it into a long snake. Fold it in half as you twist and secure the ends with a piece of twine.


Toilet Paper Roll Fire Starter

Use a sharp box cutter or other sharp knife to cut toilet paper rolls in half. Stuff each half with dryer lint and roll the tube with a sheet of waxed paper. Twist the ends and tie with string or twine.


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