Creating DIY Fire Starters - Camping Hack #12

No need to purchase expensive fire starters when you likely have everything you need in your drawers, cupboards, or recycling bin. Making your own DIY fire starters is a simple project that older kids can enjoy, with the little ones lending a helping hand too! Gather the following items to get started:

Cotton Pad Fire Starter:

Those round cotton makeup removers hiding at the back of your drawer can be transformed into excellent, affordable, and compact fire starters. Simply dip them in melted wax and place them on waxed paper to dry. Remember to leave a portion of the pad unwaxed for easy ignition. If desired, you can also cut or tear them before lighting them.

Cardboard Fire Starter:

Everyone has some cardboard or a cardboard box lying around. Cut them into small, semi-uniform squares or rectangles, roughly three inches in size. Dip the pieces into wax and lay them out on wax paper to dry. Stack them neatly for convenient storage.

Newspaper Twist Fire Starter:

Take a sheet of newspaper or craft paper and tightly roll it into a long snake. As you twist it, fold it in half and secure the ends with a piece of twine.

Toilet Paper Roll Fire Starter:

Using a sharp box cutter or another sharp knife, cut toilet paper rolls in half. Stuff each half with dryer lint and wrap the tube with a sheet of waxed paper. Twist the ends and secure them with string or twine.

These DIY fire starters are simple, cost-effective, and utilize materials readily available in your home. They'll help you ignite your campfire easily and enjoy a cozy evening outdoors.

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