Folding Camp Chair Plans

Create your own folding camp chair using these free plans. This chair is designed to provide a comfortable seat with a backrest for those who enjoy sitting or lying on the ground while reading or relaxing. It offers the convenience of enjoying the coolness of the ground without causing any harm to your person or clothing.

The adjustable backrest allows for different seating positions, and the chair is lightweight, compact, and easy to transport. It is not only useful for camping but can also be used at home or elsewhere. Simply place it across a bed or on a trunk, and it serves as a practical substitute for an extra chair. You can even fold the seat under and use the backrest as a prop for reading in bed.

To Build: Oak is a recommended wood choice, but other common woods can also be used. Start by constructing three rectangular frames with mortise-and-tenon joints, following the provided dimensions. Cover the seat and back frames with heavy duck fabric, ensuring a 1/2-inch fold at the edges.

The base consists of an open frame with adjustable notches spaced 2 inches apart. Proceed to make the adjusting frame as per the detailed instructions. Hinge the backrest and seat to the base, and attach the adjusting frame to the backrest using screws, allowing it to fold as shown in the illustration.

Folding Camp Chair Plans


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