Camping Shower - Build a Camp Shower With Free Plans

Showering is a way of relaxation especially when you are out camping. Having a camp shower is always a prized comfort. They are extremely helpful for campers. It adds to a more comfortable camping experience.

Camp showers are durable and very easy to set up. Browse through our collection for some of the best camp shower plans.

How to Build a Camping Shower

Materials Needed: For Freestanding Shower:

  • Four 6' sections of " PVC pipe
  • Eight 3' sections of " PVC pipe
  • PVC pipe cutter
  • Eight " PVC corner pieces
  • Two 6'x8' vinyl tarps
  • Cable zip ties
  • Bricks or sandbags

For Hanging Shower:

  • Four 3' sections of 1/2" PVC pipe
  • Four " PVC elbow pieces
  • Eye-hook screws
  • String
  • Metal washer
  • Two 6'x8' vinyl tarps
  • Cable zip ties

Camping can be an opportunity to connect with nature, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice privacy. This DIY portable camp shower enclosure offers a quick setup and can be used freestanding or hung from a tree branch, depending on your shower setup. It can also double as a changing area. Just remember to bring a portable sun shower for the water part, available at any camping store.

Here are instructions for building this camping shower out of a PVC pipe. Follow these five steps for a refreshing shower that will clean off all the dirt you accumulated during the day.



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