Camp Shower Plans

Showering is a way of relaxation especially when you are out camping. Having a camp shower is always a prized comfort. They are extremely helpful for campers. It adds to a more comfortable camping experience.

Camp showers are durable and very easy to set up. Browse through our collection for some of the best camp shower plans.

How to Build a Camping Shower

Here are instructions for building a camping shower out of a hula hoop and some shower curtain rings. Follow these five steps for a refreshing shower that will clean off all the dirt you accumulated during the day.

Homemade Camp Shower

Begin this project for a camp shower by poking holes in a umbrella. This plan is extremely simple and the shower works great for washing off dirt and grime. Get the kids involved in making this outdoor shower.

Solar Camp Shower

When camping in a location where a warm shower is desired this is the shower plan for you. This solar camp shower is made out of a spraying system, vinyl tubing and black spray paint.

PVC Camp Shower

PVC pipe is a excellent choice for building an outdoor shower, as it is lightweight, inexpensive and easy to work with. Follow these 5 steps and create a shower that can be simply built and easily transported.

Homemade Solar Shower for a Camping Trailer

Save money by using energy from the sun to heat your shower water. This plan has all you need to help you build a solar shower unit. If you have basic plumbing knowledge the project should be a cinch.

Homemade Camping Shower

Here is useful information related to camp showers, plus a camp shower plan that requires PVC pipe. This step by step plan will have you showering outdoors in no time.

Portable Camping Shower

Build an outdoor shower using a garden hose, garden hose sprayer, PVC pipe and some wood. Easily create a shower for your campsite with these detailed instructions along with supply list.


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