Free Camp Kitchen Plans - Build a Portable Camp Kitchen

Building a portable camp kitchen is an excellent way to organize your cooking essentials during camping trips. To begin, create a detailed plan of your camp kitchen on paper, taking into account the necessary size based on your specific needs.

Consider allocating space for your stove, cooking pans, and convenient storage for ingredients such as spices, canned goods, cornmeal, cooking oil, hot chocolate, coffee containers, and more.

Once you have finalized the blueprint, cut the plywood according to the specified dimensions outlined in the plan. Remember to sand all the cut pieces before assembling them.

Start by placing the base and constructing the sides. Securely screw all the wooden pieces together, being sure the corners are properly aligned. Alternatively, you can use wood glue to initially hold the pieces together, followed by screwing the wood for added stability. After building the main box, attach the top portion using hinges. Ensure that the screws fit properly into the hinge holes. Then, attach the other side of the hinge to the final piece of the box, which will serve as the cover.

Install a locking clasp at the center of the box and securely fasten it with screws. Double-check the alignment of the box. Measure equal distances from the sides and top, and affix metal handles to the sides for easy carrying. Paint the camp kitchen according to your preference and apply a layer of varnish to protect it from water damage.



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