Camping Kit

The camping kit, including the few handy articles needed in the woods, as well as the bedding and cooking out-fit, may be either elaborate or simple, according to the personal experience and ideas of the camper.

In making up a list, it is a good idea to remember that only a few articles are really essential for a comfortable vacation in the wilderness.

A comfortable bed must be reckoned one of the chief essentials, and one may choose the air mattress or sleeping bag. Folding camp cots, chairs, tables, and other so-called camp furniture, have their places in the large, fixed camps, but the woodsman can manage to live comfortably without them. A good pair of warm blankets should be included for each person, providing the sleeping bag is not taken along. The regulation army blankets are a good choice and reasonable in price, or any blanket will work.

A good ax is the woodsman's every- day companion, and a good-weight tool, weighing 3 or 4 lb., and a smaller one of 1-1/2 lb. should be carried. When going light, the belt ax will suffice.

camping kit

The oil lantern is only suited for the fixed camp, since the fuel is difficult to transport unless it is placed in screw-top cans. The "Stonebridge" and other folding candle lanterns are the most convenient for the woods and give sufficient light for camp life.

The aluminum cooking outfits are light in weight, nest compactly, and will stand many years of hard usage, but like other good things, they are somewhat expensive. A good substitute, at half the price, may be obtained in tin and steel, having the good feature of nesting within each other, but, of course, not being quite so light nor so attractive in appearance as the higher- priced outfits. Both the aluminum and steel outfits are put up in canvas carrying bags, and an outfit for two includes a large and a small cooking pot, coffee pot, frying pan with folding or detachable handle, two plates, cups, knives, forks, and spoons. Outfits may be bought for any number of persons, and almost all sporting-goods stores carry them.


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