Campers' Fishing Bait Cache

Campers desiring a sure supply of angleworms for fishing will find the bait cache shown in the sketch convenient and practical. A box, about 18 in. long and 10 in. square on the end, is sunk into the ground in a shady place, and all the bait dug by the campers on their arrival is placed into it.

The soil used to fill the box should be rich, black loam, quite moist but not wet enough to be sticky. A few inches of the top of the box is left unfilled and a double layer of green sod is fitted over it, as shown in the sectional view at the right. The upper sod is arranged level with the surface of the ground and should be cut carefully so that it will not be observed by prowlers.

If the region where fishing is to be done is such that angleworms cannot be obtained easily, it is best to dig them before starting for the camp. The bait cache may then be made as a convenient place in which to keep the bait in good condition for fishing.



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