Convenient and Practical Campers' Fishing Bait Cache

For campers in search of a reliable supply of angleworms for fishing, this bait cache depicted in the sketch offers utmost convenience and practicality. The cache consists of a box, measuring approximately 18 inches in length and 10 inches square on the end, that is buried in a shaded area. Upon arrival at the campsite, all the bait collected by the campers is placed inside the cache.

To ensure optimal conditions for the bait, the box is filled with rich, moist (but not overly wet) black loam soil. The top few inches of the box remain unfilled, and a double layer of fresh green sod is carefully fitted over it, as illustrated in the picture. The upper sod is leveled with the ground surface and skillfully cut to remain inconspicuous to any potential intruders.

In regions where angleworms are not readily available, it is advisable to dig them prior to embarking on the camping trip. The bait cache then serves as a convenient and dedicated spot to store the bait in excellent condition for fishing purposes.

Campers' Fishing Bait Cache


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