Aluminum Pan Grill - Camping Hack #2

Discover a clever and cost-effective method to enjoy grilling while camping, even in the absence of a traditional grill. Here's what you'll need:

1. Disposable aluminum lasagna pan or roasting pan.
2. Self-starting charcoal.

Follow these simple steps:
1. Take a large aluminum lasagna pan and evenly spread a layer of charcoal along the bottom.
2. Light the charcoal using your preferred method.
3. Place a metal rack, such as a cooling rack or small grilling rack, on top of the pan.
4. Once the charcoal is ignited and ready, carefully arrange your desired meats and vegetables on the rack.

Important Safety Note: To prevent any potential hazards, ensure that you place the pan on a non-combustible surface like concrete, sand, or stones. Avoid using it directly on grass, as depicted in our picture, as the pan can become extremely hot.

By following this clever camping hack, you can savor the joys of grilling amidst your outdoor adventures without the need for a traditional grill.

Aluminum Pan Grill

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