Plywood Boat Plans

Below are free plans from the web for building a plywood boat. Over 40 free plans.

Boating is full of thrill and adventures, and you will be glad to make it a part of your camp plans. You can make a plywood boat easily and without spending too much. But be very careful while you build that you are building a safe boat. Choose from one of the free plywood boat plans below:

14 ft. Canoe

Canoe Plan

Micro Folding Dinghy

15ft Plywood Canoe


Bayou Belle


Cabin Cruiser

22ft Cruiser


Sea Angler Cabin Cruiser

Practical Dinghy

Puddle Duck Racer

Dolphin Cabin Cruiser

19ft Inboard Runabout

Ha Penny Cabin Cruiser

Sportsman Cabin Cruiser

Cabin Cruiser

Sunfish Cabin Cruiser


SeaHawk Cabin Cruiser

Portable Boat

12ft Outboard

Fast Utility Boat

Speedy Inboard Runabout

Streamline Plywood Speedster

PM-38 Outboard Boat

Inboard Boat

High Speed 15ft Inboard Runabout

11ft Outboard Runabout

Speedy Two-Cockpit Outboard Runabout

14.5ft Runabout

15ft Three-Point Hydro Runabout

Outboard Hydroplane

12'6" Runabout


14' Sports Runabout

Fin-Tailed 15ft Outboard Runabout

12-14-16 Foot Runabout

Fishing/Family Boat

254 Boat Plans
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